Beef Reservation Form

Beef are reserved in the date order the deposit is received.

Jakeway Farms charges $3.75 per pound. NEW PRICE - $3.25 LB!

We estimate our beef will be approximately 600-800 lbs hanging weight.  We are not able to predict exact weights because they hadn't been slaughtered yet.  There is a SEPARATE fee for cut and wrap by the butcher, Farmer George's Meats. The butcher's usual processing is for a whole or a half beef.  However, for a nominal extra fee, they will divide a half beef between two families/friends into 1/4 of a beef. 

Beef Reservation Form

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You may share a 1/2 beef with a friend or family member.  Farmer George will divide a half between two families or friends into a 1/4 beef each.  (They charge a a nominal extra fee for this.)

You will see your payment instructions and options after you submit this form.  Push that button!